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About Us

Look Your Best

Hair, Wigs,  Weaves and Teaching is my passion.  Under the umbrella of Bossi Gal Wig Academy I aim to please and I'm dedicated at doing my best work daily to empower women.  Look your best. 

Custom Sew On Weave UNITS

Let Bossi Gal create your custom sew on Removable weave unit for a more realistic and natural look.  20 plus years experience weaving and making Removable Weaves easier and convenient for the working women. My clients  leave satisfied and pleased with the results they aimed for without  the hassle of a weave takedown.  Cancer/Alopecia  Awareness 

Growing Relationships

Consultations are always recommended to meet the owner and to begin a client/stylist  relationship.  Make your appointment  and come visit Bossi Gals  beautiful salon with a warm clean atmosphere. 

Black College Expo

 Bossi Gal Wig Academy exhibitor at the Black College Expo in Los Angeles Convention center.  I aim to empower young entrepreneurs women to be your best. Make wigs and win. 

Wig Making classes Available