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About Us

Look Your Best

Hair, Wigs,  Weaves and Teaching is my passion.  Under the umbrella of Bossi Gal Wig Academy I aim to please and I'm dedicated at doing my best work daily to empower women.  Look your best. 

Custom Wig UNITS

Let Bossi Gal create your custom wigs for a more realistic and natural look.  20 plus years experience weaving and making wigs. My clients  leave satisfied and pleased with the results they aimed for. Cancer/Alopecia  Awareness 

Growing Relationships

Consultations are always recommended to meet the owner and to begin a client/stylist  relationship.  Make your appointment  and come visit Bossi Gals  beautiful salon with a warm clean atmosphere. 

Black College Expo

 Bossi Gal Wig Academy exhibitor at the Black College Expo in Los Angeles Convention center.  I aim to empower young entrepreneurs women to be your best. Make wigs and win. 

Wig Making classes Available